Wiring Affect with ReAttach

W.A.R.A. is a face to face intervention conducted by a ReAttach therapist. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, W.A.R.A. remote-training was offered as a first-aid psychological intervention. Therefore, the regular W.A.R.A. was simplified to turn it into a self-regulation tool. This is the page of the free open access W.A.R.A. remote training. Click here for the Spanish translation.

W.A.R.A. (Wiring Affect with ReAttach) provided by remote training: first-aid psychological intervention? (Weerkamp-Bartholomeus, P., Marazziti, D., van Amelsvoort, T. 2020).

A recent study, conducted by Maastricht University Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology has shown that W.A.R.A. remote training is indeed effective in the reduction of negative affect. W.A.R.A. remote training will be compared with W.A.R.A. provided by a therapist (Weerkamp-Bartholomeus, publications are expected soon).

Part 1 A personal introduction


Part 2 Affective Disorders


Part 3 ReAttach


Part 4 Self Regulation


Part 5 Explanation


Part 6 Instruction Video


For a good result, it is important to let your patient focus on the negative feeling and that you start to add positive concepts immediately after the downregulation. If you are too slow the negative feeling will return after re-engagement. However, if you succeed to make your patient simultaneously focus on both the negative affect and the by you composed ensemble of concepts, you may expect that either the unpleasant feeling is gone or that it has changed.

Neurons that fire together can wire. Make them fire together!

Thank you for attending the W.A.R.A®  course!

I hope that you will practice on yourself to find out that when you regulate well, negative affect can be wired in about 90 seconds. That is very helpful for instance when someone is feeling very anxious or depressed or has just a lot of “bad feelings” for which there are no words yet. W.A.R.A. ®is very mild and very gentle because we don’t zoom in at traumatic images or concepts, we stay pre-conceptual: just unpleasant feeling, that’s all.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. It is always good to hear from motivated colleagues and share knowledge and skills.

Drs. Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus

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