Wendi Winnelinckx –

ReAttach & Self Compassion in working with High Sensitive Clients


ReAttach and Compassion Focused therapy have a few things in common. Both interventions could be placed within positive psychology.  Both methods are not-judging and  include making contact in a friendly manner. I have a special interest in regulating arousal with High Sensitive Clients. I will present some case studies, reflections and findings that could be helpful in future research on ReAttach

Keywords: High Sensitivity, Attachment Problems, Rejection Sensitivity Fear, Shame


  • I give lectures, workshops and trainings about High Sensitivity and Self Compassion
  • Since 7 years I am working with High Sensitive Clients, my supervisor is  Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof
  • I am a certificated mindfulness and Self Compassion trainer and HSP Professional.
    In December I will be HSP Master
  • I am a Creative therapist and almost finished education as Integrative therapist
  • I am a ReAttach practitioner
  • Authenticity is the intention of my life and work
    In my work with clients my focus lies on High Sensitivity, Giftedness and LGBT
  • I study Psychology and I’m doing Research for a PhD in the future


  • Co-editing / review:
    De weg van zelfcompassie, van kwetsbaarheid naar veerkracht. Dr. David Dewulf
    Zelfcompassie voor kids – Oefeningen. Dr. David Dewulf
    Eerste hulp bij Stress en Burn-out,  Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof
  • Translations:
    For Dr. Tara Brach, PhD  2 audio programs about Mindfulness & Self Compassion
  • Work of Paul Gilbert about Compassion Focused Therapy for the next book of Dr. David Dewulf: Zelfcompassie en het ontwaakte hart – trainershandleiding
  • September 10th  2017 lecture about Self Compassion and High Sensitivity
    on ITZI Conference, From Mindfulness to Heartfulness, Drongen

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