Project Aspie

Project Aspie: “Aspiring to Be Yourself”


Graeme Croton Founded Project Aspie in 2013 after being late diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.
Lewis joined Project Aspie in 2014. He is the first volunteer that felt passionate about ASD because he also has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Project Aspie

Project Aspie is a community innovative concept that enables people with ASD to have an independent community and voice. This is done by community strategies like Alphabet 12 which is a social group with various speakers from abroad and nationally to speak about various subjects in the wider world. Alphabet Quad is a quarterly social activity that helps people with ASD develop social and people skills. It can be a local activity but Alphabet Quad can also travel across the country to embrace culture and history.

Alphabet 12

Project Aspie and ReAttach

Project Aspie invited ReAttach to be part of the Alphabet 12 sessions and supports the delivery of the ReAttach for Autism intervention to the UK. The ReAttach Project in Birmingham will be a joint adventure. The project status and outcome will be shared with the participants of this workshop

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