Parallel Sessions

Lectures and workshops


Dr. Cor Hoffer
Cultuursensitief werken: naar een betere therapeutische relatie


Esen Uygun
Prenatal and early attachment in the context of sexual assault and intergenerational trauma


Graeme Croton & Lewis Summerfield
Project Aspie and ReAttach: Aspiring to be Your Self


Drs Jan Taal
The three stages of imagery


Corry Heesterbeek
ReAttach for paramedics: from somatic approach to psychosomatic interventions?


Dr. Eleanor Avinor & Joanne Silman
Treating PTSD with KEG Cards


Marielle Bartholomeus & Carla Kraaij
Ergotherapie en ReAttach, tijd voor nieuwe kansen


Sowmya Maheswaran
Masks for Autism


Arina de Groot-Lakerveld
Stigma: een onzichtbaar leed


Ellen Schoone
Correlating ReAttach and Constellations: Zipper Case Workshop


Mrs Ritu Chauhan
Effectiveness of ReAttach and Emotional Dysregulation comorbid with OCPD, PTSD, Anxiety and Stress in young adults


Drs. Jan Taal
Coping cancer and chronic illness through imagery and artistic expression


Alina Poletaeva
Normalization of microbiome leads to a significant improvement of social-communicative behaviour of autistic children


Wendi Winnelinckx
ReAttach and Self Compassion: working with High Sensitive Persons


Ineke van Staalduinen
Children with autism recover resilience