Ineke van Staalduinen

Children with autism recover resilience


Children with autism often get hurt by negative remarks. Especially very sensitive children may suffer deeply from the impact of negative comments. This seems to have a huge influence on the resilience of the child. It is important to let children with autism find a solution for the overwhelming influence of somebody else’s behaviour. Your Own Colour aims, while focusing on social skills, getting to a point where this immense influence of others no longer exists. When this can be realized children can express themselves easier.
During the Your Own Colour intervention children express themselves through words, play and images. They are also invited to replay their actual situations in which they feel uncertain or hurt. With a combination of several techniques resilient reactions can be stimulated and practised.  Several situations can be approached.
How compatible are Your Own Color and ReAttach ? Do these methods reinforce each other? We are exploring complementary use of both interventions. While imagining the activation of pro-active coping styles with ReAttach, Your Own Color complementary might be used to practise or restore social skills.Let’s exchange ideas about this.

Keywords: resilience, autism, social skills


Ineke van Staalduinen is an Educational Technologists and regression therapist who has created a new intervention to improve resilience: “Your Own Colour”.
She works from a private practice for sensitive and autistic children. Her expertise lies in resilience and restoring social skills in the children and adults who have difficulties at standing up for themselves.

Eigenlijk paste ik deze manier van werken toe bij het gevoelige kind. Door een toeval is een kind met autisme in de praktijk gekomen en heeft de Eigen Kleur sessies ondergaan. Het is mooi om te zien en te horen hoe de manier van werken invloed heeft. Deze manier van werken kan een aanvullende manier zijn om te helpen om tot een beter zelfgevoel en zijn in de wereld te komen. Het kan andere werkers op dit gebied positief beinvloeden en via hen zorgen voor een authentieker en stabieler gevoel in de mens met autisme of hooggevoeligheid.