Ellen Schoone –

Correlating ReAttach and Constellations: Zipper Case Workshop


ReAttach is a systemic intervention focusing on the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Families, organizations and top sports teams consist of a system of interpersonal relations. The dynamics and patterns in these systems significantly affect the behaviour, actions and emotions of the people involved.
Constellations can be used to detect triggers and projections in a system, which offers insight in maladaptive patterns and relational problems. The detection of these inflammatory objects and looking at the role of significant others has been proven to be quite helpful in preparing a ReAttach session.
Zipper®Case is a constellations toolbox that we use in organizations and top sport systems for this purpose. ReAttach and Zipper®Case are very compatible. So open zip and empower!

Keywords Systemic work; Constellations; Coaching in organizations; Top sport


My name is Ellen Schoone from Teamwork Nederland. I am a System Therapist and co-owner of a Medical Center. Together with my compagnon Jaafar Zouthane we guide people in organizations and topsport. Teamwork Netherlands is an organization that applies interventions within companies to improve the working environment. In addition, we train coaches and therapists to be effective in a broad spectrum of companies.