Dr. Eleanor Avinor and Joanne Silman

Treating post traumatic stress disorders with KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth)


This workshop integrates individual and group work via KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth) involving working with Traumas in order to help create a more positive community by helping the individual:
1. Become aware of his/her early traumas, inner needs & emotions (feelings)
2. Become aware of his/her cognitions related to Traumas & to create redecisions (thoughts & statements)
3. Become aware of his/her reactions & behaviours and be able to change them (behaviours)
The aim of this workshop is to give the participants the opportunity to use KEG cards to narrate the story of a traumatic event in such a way that the discussion will help them reduce the SUDs (Subjective Unit of Distress) connected to the Trauma and to experience a better understanding of the Trauma and its effects. The participants will be able to use KEG cards effectively with their own clients and their Traumas. KEG Cards help the individual be in touch with his/her subconscious and unconscious needs & desires, and help bring his/her needs to the forefront.
In this workshop participants will look at deep unconscious needs that are the result of Traumas that could pull people together or apart. These needs are the result of their results of early and late Traumas. The participant will be able to effectively use KEG Cards & Techniques from the workshop in his/her professional counselling work.

Keywords : KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth),  Trauma, PTSD, SUDs (Subjective Unit of Distress), VOC (Validity of Concept), Size of pictures, narrative therapy, redecision therapy, positioning of pictures, boundaries, extension of boundaries, Original art work for therapy, projections, Art therapy, transactional analysis (TA).

We can each one of us work at our own happiness, success and burnout prevention: If we work at developing our internal parts such as emotional parts and cognitive parts and do not focus on the external parts, we become winners.
It is so true that if we work at self-actualization together with activities that have significance for us, we will achieve happiness and satisfaction in life, no matter what life brings to us.


Dr. Eleanor Avinor (PhD, MSc, MA), psychotherapist in hospital in the psychiatric unit and in a private clinic. Working with individuals, families, couples and groups using CBT, NLP, Gestalt therapy, redecision therapy, energy psychology, guided imagery and short term focused therapy. Developed KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth) as an additional therapy and counselling tool.

Joanne Silman (M.E, B.Sc.) studied ME in System Engineering, BSc in computer science & studied life & management coaching. Joanne participated in developing KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth) as an additional therapy and counselling tool.


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