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Reattach for paramedics: from somatic approach to psychosomatic interventions?


The last decade psychologists discovered a more holistic approach of patients and started to use body-oriented psychotherapy. Through ReAttach paramedics invited the psychologist into their treatment room and combined a somatic approach with the multimodal intervention of ReAttach. Although the elements of the social cognitive training and systemic approach are quite a challenge for paramedics, the stimulation of sensory integration processing and motor imagery directly appeal to the paramedic profession. First steps have been taken into neurorehabiliation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, creative therapy and dietetics and the results are promising.

Keywords: paramedics, neurorehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy creative therapy, dietetics


For 30 years Corry, being a physical therapist specialized in neurorehabilitation and oncology, has been working together with various (para)medical, psychological and social professionals. It has always been her dream not only to work together but even to integrate the various therapeutic interventions to a complete treatment for the person that is asking for support.
Experiencing people as a complete human being in relationship to their (social) environment, Corry is convinced of the need to collaborate and to increase the resemblances between the different professions, starting from a strong specific expertise.
In 2016 Corry started to integrate ReAttach within neurorehabilitation and physical therapy and she introduced ReAttach within her (para)medical en social network. As an instructor of ReAttach Basic Skills for Adults Corry is very enthusiast to teach several professionals this fantastic intervention.


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