Autism E-book

Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus
Autism: is there a place for ReAttach Therapy?
E-book publication may 2018

Prof. Michael Fitzgerald, Dr. Soren Petter, Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava, Prof. Dr. Alexander Poletaev, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski and Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus.

ReAttach and autism

Autism reflects a typical stage in development: the pre-conceptual stage. ReAttach activates individuals who are clinically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders to enter the next stage in development: the conceptual stage. I believe that it is very strange to diagnose a typical stage in development as a disorder.There is a lot of overlapping symptomatology between Autism Aspects and other clinical presentations in clinical neuropsychiatry. All diagnoses are representations of symptomatology networks.  (Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus 2018).